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Welcome to our technical section. Within section we have aimed to provide you with technical information regarding the system.

First of all, what is OUR SYSTEM?

Our system is a modular timber frame system based on the traditional oak frame post and beam construction method, but using modern fixings and manufacturing methods to create incredible strength. The finish of frame creates a traditional look but at considerably better value for money.  The precision cut posts and beams, and metal connections, will fix together perfectly every time.

One key advantage of this system is speed and ease installation. The system has been designed for fast and easy erection. Our system is safe site product as all timbers have been designed to be manageable by just two people. Therefore nearly every building can be installed by just two people, which will reduce labour costs.

OUR SYSTEM is stronger than oak! 

Our system is manufactured here in the UK and is made using treated laminated Pinus Sylvestrus (glulaminated timber) which, with our mechanical metal fixing system, provides an extemely strong and rigid structure. Our system has been tested to prove it stonger than an equialent oak frame constructed building using traditional oak frame methods.

OUR components

Beamlock Components1. Beam Kit – fixings for beams (2 x Beam Plates, 4 x Beam Plate fixings)

2. Post Kit – components to attach beams

3. Post - 2165mm (max eaves height 2.2m) 138mmx138mm

4. Metal End Tension Plate*

5. Steel Base Plates

6. Support Braces

7. Beam (available in two standard lengths of 2628mm and 4968mm – but can be reduced if required to create bespoke buildings) Other sizes are available.


*Metal End Tension Plate substitued for weatherproof Tricoya alternative.


We can do them for you!
First of all we can install your foundations for you using our experienced team. As every site is different please contact us (01825 722 600 or info@boltonbuildings.co.uk)  and we can give you an estimate.

Planning to do the foundations yourself?

When it comes to foundations we ask clients to check with their local builders as to which foundation type is suitable as there are a number of factor which determine the best method including:-  structural loadings, soil conditions, soil types e.g sandstone, clay etc, proximity to surrounding vegetation, and landscape contour (slope of site).  
Foundation options include:
Strip Foundation, Pad Foundation, Raft Foundation, Trench Fill Foundation  - please view the illustrations below for details for each method.

Beamlock Foundations